Cosmelan® and Dermamelan® Depigmentation Treatments

The Most Effective Treatments On The Market For Melasma

Known as the divine solution for dark spots and highly effective against skin blemishes of melanic origin, chloasma, age spots and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Results come from a combination of depigmenting ingredients that act on a cellular level with peeling medical-grade components, that bring existing spots to the surface layer of the skin.

These professional treatments comprise of two treatment stages including an in-clinic application and the use of at home products, for up to a 95% improvement and efficiency.

The maintenance products for home care should be used for 8-12 months and are versatile enough that it can adapt to any skin tone for clients who present hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

Some individuals experience mild peeling for 2-7 days post procedure, treatments can be used year round.

We suggest staying away from the sun while using these products. 

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