The Latest Trend In Deep Facial Exfoliation

Dermaplaning is a gentle form of exfoliation in which a painless, medical-grade blade is used to gently remove excess skin, hair and top level debris, by a certified professional.

Used as a powerful remedy for uneven, dull looking skin, this powerful yet gentle procedure removes damaged skin cells and facial hair, to allow your at-home skin care products to penetrate the skin on a deeper level and work more effectively.

The benefits of this treatment allows for your makeup to sit smoother, increases cell turnover, gives the skin a light, airy glow from the deep exfoliation and removal of dead skin, and it’s ideal for clients looking for a natural, chemical-free exfoliant.

When combined with an advanced medical facial or chemical peel, the results become even more profound and long-lasting.

There is no down-time required, treatments are painless and results are immediate.

This treatment is not for everyone. If you have active acne, cystic acne or cold sores, this medical treatment can lead to a wider spread infection or inflammation.

We recommend having this exciting skin rejuvenation treatment done monthly, results last up to 3-4 weeks.

Dermaplaning with Hydrating Facial | from $165

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