Back Facial

Some Pampering For Your Back

We tend to take excellent care of our face and invest in high-quality skin care products to maintain that youthful glow, however we often neglect parts of the body that can get congested and uneven, due to many factors. 

From harsh fabrics to sweat, there are many major contributions to clogged pores, back acne and dehydrated uneven skin. 

That’s why we mimic traditional facials and utilize the same medical grade products and technology to lift impurities and kill any lingering bacteria. 

Once your skin has been assessed by our highly skilled medical aesthetician, this luxurious body treatment begins with a customized facial applied to your back that consists of a deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation, therapeutic treatment mask and finishes with hydrating products and a neck, shoulder and back massage.

A wonderful add-on to this treatment is Bela MD microdermabrasion, which helps to remove dead and damaged skin and promote the growth of fresh, new skin cells. 

These treatments are particularly fitting prior to vacations, swimsuit season or for a large event with low-back attire. 

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