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Depigmentation Treatment

Uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation can be a source of frustration, but at Le Prestige Medi Spa, we offer depigmentation solutions to reveal your most radiant self. Our expert chemical peel treatments are specifically designed to target and diminish those pesky dark patches and spots caused by sun damage, hormonal fluctuations, or acne scarring. By utilizing advanced products like Cosmelan® and Dermamelan® by Mesoestetics, we ensure optimal results, leaving your skin with a more even tone, improved texture, and a renewed sense of confidence.

Don’t let hyperpigmentation hold you back – schedule a consultation with our specialists today and discover the transformative power of our depigmentation chemical peels.

Cosmelan & Dermamelan

Leading chemical peel solutions by Mesoestetics.

The Benefits Of Depigmentation Treatments

Cosmelan® and Dermamelan® are powerful depigmentation peels that effectively target hyperpigmentation concerns by inhibiting melanin production and exfoliating the skin. These versatile peels are suitable for all skin types, effectively fading dark patches caused by melasma, blemishes, sun damage, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. At Le Prestige Medi Spa, we customize treatment plans for optimal results and long-lasting effects. Unlike other depigmentation treatments, our peels offer a potent, yet gentle solution with minimal downtime, ensuring a clearer and more even-toned complexion.


Depigmentation chemical peels effectively target the root cause of melasma by inhibiting the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color. By reducing the amount of melanin produced, these peels gradually lighten and fade dark spots.

Sun Damage

These peels work by exfoliating the skin's surface to remove sun-damaged cells and inhibiting the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color, resulting in a noticeable reduction in the appearance of sun spots, age spots, and liver spots.

Age Spots

Depigmentation chemical peels effectively target the excess melanin production responsible for the formation of age spots. By reducing the concentration of melanin in the skin, these peels gradually lighten and fade the appearance of age spots, revealing a more even and youthful complexion.


Depigmentation chemical peels effectively address hyperpigmentation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which are the dark marks often left behind after skin conditions like acne or eczema have healed.

Depigmentation with Mesoestetics Cosmelan & Dermamelan

Cosmelan® and Dermamelan® are innovative depigmentation systems designed by Mesoestetics to target and treat various forms of hyperpigmentation, including melasma, sun damage, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. These peels, formulated with potent, clinically proven ingredients, deliver significant improvements in skin tone and texture with consistent use. Their versatility makes them suitable for all skin types and tones, ensuring accessibility to a wider range of individuals. 


By targeting melanin production, depigmentation chemical peels help to fade dark spots, freckles, and other forms of hyperpigmentation, revealing a brighter and more uniform complexion.


Cosmelan works by inhibiting tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for melanin production, through a combination of active ingredients like azelaic acid, kojic acid, and arbutin. This process helps to reduce melanin formation, leading to a gradual lightening of dark spots and an overall improvement in skin tone.


Dermamelan, on the other hand, employs a similar approach but with a more intensive formula. With 20-30% stronger action, it combines depigmenting agents with exfoliating and regenerating ingredients to accelerate skin renewal and achieve deeper results.

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Treatment Process

What to expect for Depigmentation Treatment

Before Treatment

Your journey to a brighter complexion begins with a comprehensive consultation at Le Prestige Medi Spa. Our seasoned skincare specialists will meticulously assess your skin, taking into account your unique concerns, skin type, and desired outcomes. This personalized evaluation allows us to create a tailored treatment plan that specifically targets your hyperpigmentation issues, ensuring the most effective and safe approach for your individual needs.

During Treatment

The in-clinic phase of your Mesoestetics peel treatment involves the application of either the Cosmelan® or Dermamelan® peel, carefully selected based on your skin assessment and treatment goals. This powerful mask is then left on your skin for a specific duration (8-12 hours), during which it begins its transformative work, targeting and reducing excess melanin production.

After Treatment

After Treatment: Immediately following the in-clinic peel application, you may experience mild redness or tightness, which typically subsides within a few hours. In the days that follow, your skin will undergo a gradual drying and peeling process as the old, pigmented layers shed, revealing a smoother and more even-toned complexion underneath.

Treatment Aftercare

To optimize and prolong the benefits of your depigmentation treatment, we’ll provide you with a personalized aftercare regimen. This includes detailed instructions on the use of Cosmelan® and Dermamelan® products, along with other recommended skincare essentials such as gentle cleansers, moisturizers, and broad-spectrum sunscreen. Proper aftercare is crucial for maintaining skin health, preventing future pigmentation issues, and ensuring long-lasting results.

Follow-up Treatment

At Le Prestige Medi Spa, we believe in comprehensive care. Therefore, we offer follow-up sessions to monitor your progress, assess your skin’s response to the initial treatment, and make any necessary adjustments to your personalized skincare regimen. These follow-up appointments are essential for maintaining optimal results and addressing any concerns that may arise during your journey to a clearer and more radiant complexion.

Expected Treatment results

Depigmentation Expected Treatment Results

Clients can anticipate noticing a reduction in the appearance of dark spots, melasma patches, sun spots, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation about 10-14 days after treatment. While individual results may vary depending on factors such as skin type, severity of hyperpigmentation, and adherence to aftercare instructions, many clients experience ongoing improvements up to a month after treatment. Pigmented areas gradually fade as the skin undergoes a natural exfoliation process, revealing fresher, brighter skin underneath.

Depigmentation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Depigmentation

Most individuals tolerate minimal discomfort during the treatment. Clients may experience a mild tingling or warming sensation during the peel’s application, which subsides shortly after.

Results typically become noticeable within the first few weeks following treatment, with continued improvement over several months as the skin undergoes a natural exfoliation process.

While depigmentation treatment can provide long-lasting results, occasional maintenance sessions may be necessary to address recurrent pigmentation issues and maintain optimal skin health.

Yes, Cosmelan® and Dermamelan® peels are suitable for all skin types and tones, making them accessible to a broad range of individuals seeking to address hyperpigmentation concerns.

The number of treatment sessions needed varies depending on the severity of the hyperpigmentation and individual response to the peel. Our skincare experts will recommend a personalized treatment plan during the initial consultation.

While there may be some mild redness or peeling immediately following the treatment, downtime is minimal, and clients can typically resume their regular activities soon after.

Depending on individual needs and goals, depigmentation treatment can be combined with other skincare procedures, such as microneedling or laser therapy, to enhance results.

Yes, it is essential to protect the treated areas from sun exposure following depigmentation treatment by wearing sunscreen daily and avoiding prolonged sun exposure.

While rare, potential side effects may include temporary redness, mild irritation, or dryness. These typically resolve on their own within a few days.

Clients can usually resume wearing makeup within a day or two after depigmentation treatment once any redness or peeling has subsided.

It is generally not recommended to undergo depigmentation treatment during pregnancy or breastfeeding due to the potential risk to the baby. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before undergoing any cosmetic procedures during this time.

No, depigmentation treatment targets specific areas of hyperpigmentation and does not affect the overall skin tone.

Yes, depigmentation treatment can be adapted to suit sensitive skin types, using lower concentrations of active ingredients if necessary.

With proper maintenance and sun protection, the results of depigmentation treatment can last for an extended period. However, occasional touch-up sessions may be needed to maintain optimal results.

Yes, depigmentation treatment can be performed on various body areas, including the face, neck, chest, hands, and arms, to address hyperpigmentation concerns effectively.

While some peeling is normal following depigmentation treatment, excessive peeling can be minimized by following the recommended aftercare instructions provided by our skincare experts.

Yes, Cosmelan® and Dermamelan® peels are safe and effective for all skin types and tones, including darker skin tones.

Yes, depigmentation treatment can help fade post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by acne scars, resulting in a smoother and more even skin tone.

Depigmentation treatment may be suitable for teenagers experiencing hyperpigmentation concerns; however, consulting with a skincare professional is essential to determine the most appropriate course of action.

Post-treatment skin care typically includes gentle cleansing, moisturizing, and daily application of broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect the skin and maintain the results of depigmentation treatment.

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